Monday, December 31, 2012

Knitting Resolutions

Congrats to the winner of the last giveaway, 'Amy'!  Amy, I drew your comment via Random Number Generator and I have emailed you to get your address. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and I hope to continue to hear from all of you!

Like most people, I make resolutions for each new year. And, like most people, I rarely keep any of them. For 2011, it was 'join a gym' year, which lasted for 2 months. For 2012, I took the sage advice of having smaller, more specific and attainable goals and I actually met some of them. I had resolved to get a new job (reached in May) and a new car (reached in June).  I didn't meet some of my other goals but hey, two isn't bad and those were two big ones!

I discovered something else this year as well, which is what I want to share with you all today - The Knitter's Life List by Gwen W. Steege.

I found this book and just had to have it.  Right on the cover, it states 1001 inspirations for every knitter, 122 techniques and tips to learn, 69 styles & traditions to explore, 64 personalities to meet, and 33 yarn fibers to try.  Her book has all of that and more.

I read through it a couple times the week I bought it and it inspired me to make my own resolution list.  I hate marking in books I own, even though there is space for that in this book, so I just created a list of my own on my phone so it's always with me.  I used many of the ideas that Gwen included in her book, but also added a few of my own.  In fact, I have 26 knitting goals on my list, adding more all the time, and I'm aiming to accomplish as many of them as I can in 2013.  Some examples of my personal goals include:

- Knitting a stash of dishcloths (for gifts)
- Knitting a stash of balls (again, for gifts!)
- Make something using Intarsia
- Learn to knit toe up socks
- Learn to knit two at a time socks
- Knit something with cashmere

What are your knitting goals for 2013?  Leave a comment to share!

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